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Elite HP Lims

the elite harry potter: last icon maker standing.

HP Elite Lims
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elite harry potter lims
Welcome to elite harry potter lims, which means "Harry Potter: Elite Last Icon Maker Standing". This is just like any other LIMS competition, except elite. The idea of LIMS came from ultimate lims, this one was just slightly modified to make it elite. For those who don't know, LIMS is a challenge community dedicated to a fandom to determine who will be the last icon maker after a series of challenges and voting sessions. Each week, there will be a challenge with an image featuring a character/setting from Harry Potter, that must be iconed. Eventually, there will be only one iconist left. Now we're not elite in the way that your icons must be flawless, just more in the way that your icons have to be nice to look at; which pretty much means no Paint-made icons.

After reading through all the rules, then please apply here.
You can find the 'bye-post' here.

the rules
01. If you don't get accepted here, please go visit hp lims, which is pretty much the same, except open to anyone.
02. This community has closed-membership, meaning you must first apply, then wait for an invite to join. Feel free to just watch the community if you aren't interested in participating though. All posts will be open to the public.
03. To be let into the community, you must have been on LJ for at least one week (preferably over a month) and know how all the basic functions work (friending, joining, posting, commenting, etc).
04. If you join, you cannot bash the show or any character from Harry Potter in any way.
05. When applying, make the topic of your post 'Beyond the Veil', so that we know you have read the rules.
06. When applying, tell us your (nick)name, and post a preview of 5-12 of your best/favorite icons that you made.
07. You can have until the voting for the first round goes up, to list yourself on the sign-up sheet. We need at least 30 members to begin our first round, so please do help spread the word/join yourself!
08. The specific rules will be posted with each challenge. Each icon has to follow the obvious standards: no more than 100x100 in size, and no more than 40 kbs. All entries must be posted as a reply to the challenge post (comments will be screened) and they cannot be from any previous batches. They must be NEW.
09. You must enter each challenge until you are voted out, or you will be automatically disqualified (unless you used a pass, read the following rule).
10. I understand that accidents do happen, and sudden things come up. Therefore, if there is NO way you can enter the weeks challenge, and you have a good reason, then just post a comment to that weeks challenge (as you would if you had the icon) and just say you can't make it. I will judge whether or not it's a valid reason or not.
11. Enjoy the games, please don't get angry if/when you get voted out, or if you aren't let in.
12. Lastly, please do not be scared to apply; chances are, you'll be let in!

If everything goes as planned, then this will be the timeline. Each deadline, you have until the hour the challenge says, which will be in GMT -9:00.

Monday afternoon: Challenge goes up.
Friday afternoon: Deadline, voting goes up.
Monday afternoon: Winners, new challenge.

01. After the 6 days, I will make a new post with the voting poll. Anyone can vote, but remember, you are voting for your LEAST FAVORITE ICON(s), meaning you're voting someone out of the competition.
02. When voting, you will comment with the number your least favorite icon(s) and the reason why. These comments will be screened, but if you choose, you will be able to view how many votes you got and why.
03. At the end of the voting period, the person(s) with the most votes will be disqualified from the contest. There will also be a mod's choice each week.

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