you are what you fangirl (exit47) wrote in elitehplims,
you are what you fangirl

And the winner is...

Well out final vote was unanimous. Every single votant chose the same 'best' icon :) and we have our last icon maker standing:



I made you a Goblet of Fire banner, I thought it was fitting! I hope you like it :)

So that's the end of our first round here at elitehplims :) I'm not sure if there will be a round 2, since not that many people relaly seemed interested in participating. Well maybe after the summer vacation, I will see how things go!

I'd like to thank all the awesome icon makers who participated and the lovely people who too time to vote! *hugs* Thank you :D
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Wow, thank you!! ♥
cool! btw who got second and third?
I'm just wondering if this will be starting up again - I'm definitely interested in participating this time around?
And that was supposed to be a ! not a ?

I too would like to participate if/when there is another round.

I'll also try to recruit people for another round if that helps get it started again. ;)