you are what you fangirl (exit47) wrote in elitehplims,
you are what you fangirl

Challenge #4 - Entry Post

Challenge Picture:

Entries Rules:
• Your icon must fit lj standards (100 x 100 pixels max; under 40KB)
• You must be signed-up to participate. • Post your icon as a comment to this post. Comments are screened. Please post your icon and the link to your icon.

• You must not post your icon elsewhere before the current challenge results are up. Doing so will result in you being eliminated.
• Make a new icon specifically for this challenge.
• Use this screencap only. Textures, gradients, brushes, etc. are fine, but don't go adding another picture or Ron, or anyone to your icon.
• If you wish to use your bye, please let me know!

Icons are due by Sunday July 9th, 2006 Midnight, GMT. I'll be posting two reminders ;)

Have fun!
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