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Challenge #3 - Voting

I totally forgot to put the voting up earlier, I kinda had a crazy week *facepalm* But here we go :)

Voting Rules
• Anyone and everyone can vote. You do not have to be a participant or even be a member of the community - although Anonymous voting is not allowed.
• Please vote off the one lesser quality icon, giving me proper reasons. Please give an explanation with the icon you vote off. Constructive criticism please. No 'Because it's ugly' type comments. 'The icon is too blurry' 'the texture is overpowering' and 'the font doesn't really suit' are 'proper' comments.
• Choose your one overall favorite icon. Reasons are not necessary and don't have to be specific, but are always nice :)
• All comments are screened and will remain anonymous when given to the participants that request them.
• Icons may NOT be posted anywhere else before voting is over. If we find that you have posted your entry elsewhere, you will be disqualified!
• Oh and do not vote for yourself ;)

Example Vote:
Lesser Quality
#54 - The icon is very dark and the cropping doesn't flatter the image.

Favorite Icon
#89 - The icon is well balanced and the coloring is lovely.

Voting will be up for a couple of days :) Any incomplete or nasty voting will not be counted.

1/ 2/ 3/
4/ 5/ 6/

Happy Voting :)
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