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Current Participants

Sign Up Sheet #1-b
If you want to participate in the first challenge here, then please make a comment to this post after reading the rules. You do not necessarily have to be an HP fan to sign-up here, that will just be the theme of all the icons; so if you are only into one of the actors, that's fine too. This is an elite community, so please be sure you have read how to apply after reading through the rules.

When you comment to this post, that means you will be able to participate in the challenges that follow. If you are only here to see the icons and follow what is going on and have no interest in actually making icons, then please just join or friend the community or something. You may still vote during each round if you didn't make an icon. . . actually, it's encouraged and appreciated to vote even if you didn't.

1) Read the userinfo thoroughly.
2) Only apply if you are going to participate. If not, just friend the community.
3) Introduce yourself and let us know where you post your icons at the top of your comment.
5) If you are rejected you are free to reapply once you've improved.
6) Post 5-12 of your best icons. They do not have to be HP.
7) Check your invites here once you've been accepted.

01. organza dropped out
02. exit47 dropped out (since I took over the comm!)
03. ohdramatize
04. chaotic_vanity did not submit icon
05. watchasifall
06. distopiac did not submit icon
07. herportrait did not submit icon
08. orange_serenity eliminated, challenge #2
09. serenitynoire did not submit icon
10. arishokku
11. distressedicons did not submit icon
12. ohmemory
13. aikontack did not submit icon
14. silvia_3 did not submit icon
15. imeccentric did not submit icon
16. effulgency did not submit icon
17. miss_anulka
18. celebrity___x3
19. x3____leah eliminated, challenge #1
20. herfaith
21. scarletteheart did not submit icon
22. seenred

Also, any pimping/promotion you can do for this community would be SO helpful. It will allow the community to get more known, which means the challenges will start sooner.
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